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"If you're small and on a search
I've got a feeder for you to perch on"
-I like birds by Eels-

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Happy 2018!

Oh shitness. I haven't been active on LJ for a while and I just noticed that Photobucket, where I have all pictures for my blogs, hasn't allowed 3rd party hosting for a while. For free, that is, and I can't afford a paid account being the infrequent blogger that I am nowadays. That, effectively, means all my old posts in this blog are now pointless. I don't think I have the patience to move everything over to another photo hosting service but I have to find a new one. Can anyone suggest anything that works and is free?

Luckily, YouTube still works. Here's what I made over my Christmas trip to Finland:

Winter Solstice

Christmas Day

Happy 2018, everyone!

Wow, it's been long!

new apartment 1
I have two things: A new home and a neck pain.
So far my home decor includes a mattress and my wake-up light alarm clock on the bedroom floor...
...and a stool and Kelohonka curtains in the kitchen/living room.

new apartment 2
I've ordered a bed and kitchen table an chairs. They should be delivered in a couple of days. Not a day too soon, I say...
And the neck pain...
...a smarter mammal would have learned in five years that it's a BAD idea to headbang with heavy dreads!

And what has happened since February? I was in Panama for three months, working. Came back to Sweden, had a wonderful holiday in Finland, and now I'm back in Sweden again. I'm trying to make a home for us but it's kind of hard since Jyri still lives in Finland; finding a job in Sweden seems to be hard. Other than that things are mostly good. I just think I need to start taking better care of myself, since I haven't really had any hobbies in the last six months and I feel I'm starting to fall apart in so many ways... So, maybe I should find more time for drawing?
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Fan art: Perkeros

Huilu ja huilumies.


I dont often draw fan art, but I've just read Perkeros and I'm quite impressed. I've been smiling for two days because of it and that's definitely a good thing.

From now on, if I'm asked what's my favourite band, I'll say Diablotus. ;)


Sunnuntai-illan ratoksi näytän pari piirrustusta.

Tänään olen piirrellyt haukia, ja nyt ne alkavat onnistua jo ilman referenssikuvia. Jee.

Tämän piirsin taannoin onnittelukortiksi Jyrin kaverin väitöslahjaan.