Amantyne (amantyne) wrote,

R.I.P. Reiska

rest in peace Reiska
Our little friend Reiska passed away in my arms on Christmas day.

Reiska took his role as my official PhD Supervisor Hedgehog pretty seriously. I defended my thesis on December 15th, and Reiska stopped eating the next day. We spent the holidays at my parents' house which has underfloor heating which Reiska loved; he normally slept in his sleeping bag but there he would sleep on the warm floor. The night before Christmas day I had a dream where Reiska spoke to me and asked me to help him turn to his left side because it would be more comfortable to lie that way. I woke up and knew that his time was up. His lungs gave up that afternoon and he died in my arms. He's buried next to our other pets' graves.

So, a bit different Christmas/birthday. But there are positive news as well. I'm finally Doctor of Philosophy! The thesis is written and defended which means I may occasionally have time for drawing! Well, I'm moving to Sweden in February and I'm afraid I'll be quite busy before that and especially once I get there and start with my new project... So I can't promise to be an active blogger. But I'll try to post something every now and then. Happy New Year!
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