Reiskan monokkeli

Sir Reiska & his monocle
monokkeli 1

monokkeli 2

monokkeli 3
Reiska's left eye went blind in early January. That didn't slow him down
much but after a couple of weeks he lost the sight from his right eye too.

monokkeli 4
""My old monocle is gone! I'm rocking these sunglasses all night long!"

Quite bad news, there. Reiska is doing fine, all things considered. He's an old gentleman already.

Reiska the Traveller

Reiskan lomallelähtö 1
At 4:01 a.m. [Reiska is singing] CLICK!
Good morning Reiska! Now you'll go into your travel basket and we'll go to granma's!

Reiskan lomallelähtö 2
I'll get my revenge! [noises]
I'm calling a taxi. You go and get Reiska. -All right.
Bring me some paper tissue! There's poop in here already! [evil laughter]

I'm still trying to learn to use this drawing app. I can't figure out how to save these drawings in better quality. They're so much more prettier before saving...

We came to my mother-in-law's house for Christmas. Travelling is always a bit stressful for Reiska, but we stopped at Tampere and got some fresh mealworms, superworms ang Argentinian cockroaches for Reiska's festive meal. I hope that makes it up for him. :)

It's not the most common job...

dual wielding flying cockroaches

This actually happened to me today. I was waiting for a cockroach to recover from anaesthesia while another one finishes his running on the trackball. The first cockroach woke up sooner than I expected and tried to fly away (couldn't, he was attached to a metal wire). Then, at some point, I had to hold them both in my hands which was just weird.