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A Visual Diarrhoea

25 December 1983

Hi there!

I'm Anna. When I was 16, my art teacher described me during a review session by saying:
"Anna is like a Roman house. She looks calm and quiet on the outside but there's a wild orgy going on inside!"
My blog is a window through which you can have a look at the party. But be aware: you're standing on a ladder...

Please sign your anonymous comments with a pseudonym or something. I will only reply to signed ones.

My comics on paper:

Honkanen - Niin hyvää puuta (2010) Self-published mini album.
Naama kustannuksen Suuri Koirakirja (2009) - a dog themed anthology. ISBN: 978-952-99845-2-7.
Dozens of comics and illustrations for Lehdykkä since volume 1/04.

You can also find me on the pages of Ruutukaava web magazine!


Write to amantyne(ät)gmail(döt)com if the comment box makes you feel too claustrophobic.